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Caring for Small Mammals

Small mammals are a big responsibility and yearly checkups are a must. Like other animals, they often hide illnesses and show few outward signs until their condition has worsened. Visit us so we can answer questions and offer suggestions on improving your pet's lifestyle through:

  • Nutrition
  • Climate
  • Habitat
  • Grooming
  • Exercise and mental stimulation
  • Handling

Giving Your Bird the Best Life

Birds are social and inquisitive creatures and require lots of attention to stay happy and healthy. They also need enough room to fly around and hop from perch to perch. Toys and mirrors can help your bird stay occupied and engaged in mentally stimulating activities. Birds can be prone to illness and stress, so keeping their habitat clean and peaceful is essential. During their yearly exam, we can offer advice regarding:

  • Keeping them on a balanced diet
  • Socializing with and handling your bird
  • Keeping them well groomed
  • Maintaining their habitat
  • Choosing the right toys and diversions

Reptile Care

Reptiles need yearly exams and blood testing to help us diagnose illness (reptiles can be vulnerable to respiratory infections) and put together a lifelong medical history for your pet. The most important topics we'll cover during their visit include:

  • Nutrition and feeding
  • Climate/habitat
  • Keeping their space clean
  • Checking for illness
  • Proper handling

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