Pain Relief for Dogs & Cats in Naples, FL

Virtually every pet will need pain management at some point to help them through surgery recovery, an injury, or other condition. Pain can affect your pet’s health in many ways and lead to other life-limiting problems. Additionally, pets have a natural talent for hiding their pain and attempting to continue on as normal. At The Animalife Veterinary Center at Mission Hills, we know that pain management is not only about relieving discomfort, but also keeping your pet active and happy. We offer a variety of pain relief options to suit your pet’s age, lifestyle, and daily needs. Give us a call today at (239) 435-1222.

pain relief for dogs and cats in naples, fl
kitten taking a nap

Finding the Right Treatment

If you notice that your pet is showing signs of pain, let us know. They deserve to live the fullest, most comfortable life possible. To determine the best pain management plan for their needs, we need to evaluate their complete medical history and understand the cause of their pain. Acute pain resulting from surgeries or a soft-tissue injury may be treatable with oral medication alone. However, chronic pain due to arthritis or some other orthopedic issue will likely require other options like laser therapy, acupuncture, a dietary change, and other treatments.

Don’t Let Your Pet’s Pain Go Untreated

Whether your pet needs medication or a complete lifestyle change to manage their pain, our team is here to help and support you. To learn more about pet pain management and the treatment options we have available, call (239) 435-1222.