cat and dog teeth cleaning in naples, fl

Why is Dental Disease a Concern?

Many pets go years without having their teeth properly examined and cleaned. This then gives free rein to plaque and tartar in the mouth. Chew toys and dental treats are not enough to slow this buildup, which releases bacteria under the gum line. The gums become red and swollen, and pockets form as the gum tissue separates from the roots of the teeth. Bacteria can also get into the bloodstream and infect the heart and other major organs.

Overall, dental disease is a painful, progressive disease that can result in tooth loss and serious illness.

Preventing Dental Disease with Teeth Cleaning

Yearly professional dental cleanings and oral exams can go a long way towards treating dental disease. At The Animalife Veterinary Center at Mission Hills, we:

  • Safely sedate our patients and use digital dental X-ray to thoroughly assess each tooth for damage and check the jaw bones for signs of weakness
  • Perform dental scaling and polishing to clean the teeth and smooth the enamel
  • Extract loose/damaged teeth and oral masses if needed
  • Provide take-home kits to help owners maintain their pet’s oral health at home
  • Offer a variety of dental care products to suit each pet’s dental needs